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Founded in 1993, Pasche Bank & Trust Limited in Nassau became a part of the Banque Pasche group in 1996.

Located in the Eastern Standard time zone convenient to the Americas, the bank offers all the benefits and opportunities of Pasche Bank & Trust in the privileged environment of the Bahamas.

Pasche Bank & Trust Limited works in close synergy with the other entities of the group based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. They share the very same quality standards when it comes customer relationship management, by supplying their clients with individually tailored products and services structured within an open architecture basis.

In addition to providing banking and fiduciary services, Pasche Bank & Trust Limited is also licensed to create and manage trusts and offshore companies. In particular, the bank is specialized in portfolio management, inheritance planning and the creation and administration of investment funds.

Pasche Bank & Trust Limited's goal is to achieve the best possible results on behalf of its international clientele. In order to do this, it is constantly seeking to strike the most profitable balance between controlled risk and the safeguarding of the assets entrusted to it.

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