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Pasche SA Pasche was created in 2007. It was issued a Representative Office licence in 2008 by the Central Bank of Uruguay. 

Services and Products

A subsidiary of Pasche Bank & Trust Limited in the Bahamas, Pasche SA Montevideo is a fully integrated part of Banque Pasche Group, a Swiss-based private banking group specializing in asset management.

Pasche SA Montevideo performs a marketing role in South America on behalf of its parent company. It also provides Pasche Bank & Trust Limited, Nassau with support in maintaining relationships with its South American clientele. 

In addition to these functions, it helps clients with portfolios managed by Banque Pasche Group to invest in Uruguay. Thanks to the economic and political stability in the country and its open-minded cosmopolitan society, Uruguay offers an ideal platform for launching and developing business both within the region and further afield.

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