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In 2008, Banque Pasche opened a representative office in the United Arab Emirates to serve as a platform for delivering first-class wealth management services to two of the fastest evolving markets on the planet, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) & South Asia.

From its office in Dubai, as elsewhere in the world, Banque Pasche Group makes sure everyone who works on its multi-cultural teams adopts an entrepreneurial mindset. The bank's Relationship Managers and Financial Advisors are highly responsive in acting on behalf of their clients. They always assume full responsibility for ensuring that any action taken is of maximum benefit, adopting a management strategy based on an open architecture. Their strong professional ethics mean they are in a position to offer unbiased and independent investment advice. In doing so, their aim is always to achieve the right balance between meeting return-on-investment goals and preserving capital.

Banque Pasche ensures consistent quality of its services and products right across its international network. It does this by seeking to maintain a human dimension in everything it does and by offering inventive and performance-orientated solutions tailor-made to meet the demands of its clients in the region.

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