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Banque Pasche Zurich offers an exceptionally broad range of services and independent advice thanks to the extensive banking experience of its qualified professional staff.

To respond to the specific needs of its clients, Banque Pasche Zurich’s activities target three main segments – private clients, entrepreneurs and companies, as well as offering tailor-made services for independent asset managers.

Services and Products

Banque Pasche provides a full range of private banking services to individual clients. It always seeks to offer a  comprehensive solution based on a defined performance driven approach, where capital preservation is paramount. It is able to offer fast and flexible service by operating on a smaller scale than its rivals and maintaining a closer relationship with its clients. The focus always remains firmly on finding the right solution for each and every client and then deploying the skills and resources of the bank's multi-talented staff to put the solutions into practice.

The bank also offers private banking services for independent asset managers, a transaction driven business providing active support to help managers meet all their clients’ potential needs.

It offers an open platform of products and will never seek to "push" in-house products onto its clients. The bank's client relationship managers consistently advocate third-party products whenever they are found to be in the best long-term interest of their clients. Their guiding principle is to select the best product in its class on behalf of the investor. Banque Pasche provides its client relationship managers with the support they need to do this effectively, by giving them access to “best-in-class” investment analyses.

In addition to these services, the bank also offers its clients credit and loan facilities.

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