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Banque Pasche specializes in asset management for a select clientele, whose origins are often the upper echelons of finance, culture, sports or the art world. To meet the demands of such clients, the group has put itself in a position to offer advice of the very highest quality.

This means maintaining an optimum balance between asset preservation and profitability goals at all times.

Through its banking network Banque Pasche is committed to developing a new vision of private banking. This vision is based on genuinely tailor-made services and long-lasting personal relationships. As a result, the bank’s clients can be sure of receiving the same quality of advice and service, wherever they are in the world.

Banque Pasche's choice to operate according to an open architecture means that performance is always the absolute priority. It also enables the group to systematically offer clients the best products at any given time, in each of the 70 countries where it is present throughout the world.

Thanks to the strength and solidity of its majority shareholder, Banque Pasche has the support it needs to achieve its ambitions for growth.

It is these decisive advantages that have enabled the Banque Pasche to become a key player in international asset management.

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