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Legal information
Persons using the website (hereinafter the "Site") of Banque Pasche SA (hereinafter the "bank") accept the following rules.

The Site must not be accessed by any person coming under a jurisdiction (due to his residence, nationality or other) in which publication or provision of the Site would constitute a breach of the applicable laws and regulations.

Exclusion of guarantee
The bank takes the greatest care with presenting and updating the information available on the Site. Nevertheless, the bank cannot explicitly or implicitly guarantee the accuracy, reliability, topicality, exhaustiveness or appropriateness of the said information. The bank can only guarantee that the information found on the Site has not been altered due to technical faults (disconnection, interference from third parties, viruses, etc.). Furthermore, the bank reserves the right to modify information at any time and without notice.

Limitation of liability
The bank expressly declines any liability towards any person for any reason whatsoever in relation with the consequences of any action or omission resulting from the use of this Site. The bank cannot be held liable for losses or damage of any nature, whether concerning in particular, but not exclusively, direct, indirect or consequential damage connected with access to the Site or to any other site having a link with the Site, its use, its exploration or its downloading.

Absence of offer or recommendation
The information available on the Site does not constitute an offer, part of an offer aiming to provide management or consultancy services, or a recommendation to buy or sell shares, derivatives or investment trust units.
The services, investment funds or investments mentioned on the Site are not intended for persons coming under the jurisdiction of a country whose applicable legislation or regulations prohibit access to such information.

All information on the Site is exclusively owned by Banque Pasche SA, subject to rights belonging to third parties. Any copy or reproduction of the information on the site is strictly prohibited, subject to obtaining the express and written authorisation of Banque Pasche SA.

Linked sites
The bank expressly declines any liability for the content of other sites linked to or leading to this site.

Contact Address
For more information on the official website Banque Pasche SA you can send to the following address electronic Pasche@cm-bpgroup.ch.

Banque Pasche has taken great care with the presentation and update of the information available on this website. Nevertheless, Banque Pasche does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee that this information is accurate, reliable, current, and exhaustive or that it meets individual needs. Banque Pasche expressly declines any liability towards anyone for any reason whatsoever concerning the consequences of any act or omission resulting from the use of this information.